Window Shade Cleaning

Window shades gets dust everyday on it. So it is very necessary to dust it with soft cloth, vacuum, or dusting brush. Dusting should be done both on side next to window and side facing room. Soil accumulated in the exposed parts of the shades is greasy in nature so it is very necessary to clean it before it gets too dirty.

If you want to clean plastic coated fabric shades: -

Remove the shades from the window and spread it on a long table already covered with a shower curtain or an old tablecloth. Dissolve liquid detergent in water, dip the sponge in it and wash the surface with it. If the shades are textured then scrub it with soft brush. When the process of cleaning is over wipe it with cloth wrung in clear clean water. Dry the surface with a clean dry cloth and dry in the open air before turning to clean reversible side.

If you want to clean Laminated or Dull Rough Finish Fabric Shades: -

Remove shades from window and spread it on the long table. In these shades we have to clean the surface with wall paper cleaner. The wall paper cleaner is easily available in sealed tin cans in paint or wall paper stores or hardware. Clean the small soiled areas with the use of gum eraser.

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